Diversity and Inclusion Policy


At Inception Legal we embrace diversity and are deeply committed to inclusion for both ourselves and for our clients. Diversity is a top priority for us and central to the recruitment consultancy that we endeavour to be. 

We recognise that creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is not just good in itself; it is good for business. McKinsey and Company’s 2018 report ‘Delivering Through Diversity’ found that companies with more ethnically diverse boards were 43% more likely to outperform on profits, and those in the top 25% for gender diversity were 21% more likely to achieve profit above the industry average. By recruiting Partner and In-House Counsel professionals from a range of backgrounds, our clients gain access to a wide variety of viewpoints, experiences and perspectives. 

While the advantages of a diverse workforce are increasingly recognised, developing and implementing strategies to build one remains a challenge. At Inception Legal, we support our clients to achieve an inclusive and diverse workforce. 

Securing the most talented professionals in the legal sector requires an innovative approach to access more diverse talent pools. That is why diversity and inclusion is one of our strategic business priorities.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

     1. Continue to grow a diverse talent pipeline

Research shows that the diversity of the candidate pool can have a huge effect on who is hired. Through our extensive market mapping, we aim to provide our clients with a diverse candidate pool. 

This requires us to attract the very best candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. Our team receive diversity and anti-bias training. We use inclusive language when advertising roles and have access to a diverse candidate pool in order to inform the best talent about the market and opportunities. 

We have a growing talent pipeline which is inclusive of professionals from all backgrounds. This includes professionals from overseas for high level positions and those with a diverse legal background who possess transferable skills. 

To ensure the diversity of our pipeline, we collect anonymised data to monitor and track against our internal targets. This data is reviewed and used to evaluate our success and formulate ways to strive forward and champion inclusivity.

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     2. Support our clients increase diversity and inclusion

Using our in-depth knowledge of the legal sector, we aim to support our clients increase diversity and inclusion at every step of the recruitment process. Some of the ways we do this is by:

  • taking steps to counter unconscious bias by providing anonymised candidate profiles 
  • providing a diverse talent pool for each role
  • rewording job adverts and job descriptions using inclusive language
  • advertising in specialist publications aimed at the widest and most diverse audience
     3. Lead by example

We strive to create an inclusive and supportive workplace culture at Inception Legal. One of the ways we do this is by removing the stigma of flexible working being for women by senior male employees leading by example. Our flexible working and Family Policy actively promotes a healthy work-life balance and removes a culture of presenteeism.  

We provide all employees with up-to-date diversity and inclusion training, and ensure we use inclusive language when advertising roles within our own company. 

Our team are actively involved in sponsored charity events for Evie’s Night Owls, a project part of Camp Simcha, which raises funds to pay for overnight respite for families with children with severe special needs. In the coming year we are looking for opportunities to leverage our knowledge with our clients for us all to raise the awareness and necessity of diversity and inclusion.  

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is showcased on our website to attract candidates and clients who share our ethos.

     4. Our Successes

Working on senior level searches, both within private practice & in-house, we have managed to achieve an equal placement of female and male lawyers. This achievement is against the legal industry average where, depending on the source, can range between 16% and 23% of senior positions being held by female lawyers.

This achievement for Inception Legal is of great importance to us but one we have highlighted as an area we need to work. The SRA has the percentage of BAME lawyers in the UK at 21% so we are pleased that we have helped place a higher percentage we feel we are one of those businesses that can actively work to increase this figure. Diversifying out candidate pool and identifying talented people at a junior level and ensuring to inform them of opportunities is the first and most important step we, as a business, can take.

This data, for us, is new and one we feel we pioneer at Inception Legal. Whilst we have only been collecting this data for the last two years, it’s one where we feel we have a strong impact; the ability to not only inform clients of new ways of working and attracting the best candidates for our clients but one we have direct knowledge that it works for us too at Inception Legal. We will endeavour to keep striving in this particular area and are excited about the work we are doing at Inception Legal to promote the fact that the best person for the ‘job’ shouldn’t be the person that fits into a fixed hours working day schedule.